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Over 60 Orders Since Notes Ban? PM Narendra Modi Says Sign Of Responsive Government

Frequent changes to the rules governing demonetisation is a sign of a responsive government – this is how Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday responded to critics who have questioned the often-changing rules about the government’s abrupt decision to scrap old 500 and 1,000-rupee notes to combat corruption and black money.

“People, who cannot endorse corruption and black money openly, resort to searching for faults of the government relentlessly,” PM Modi asserted in his monthly radio address Mann Ki Baat.

“Another issue which comes up is this: Why are rules changed time and again? This government is for the sake of the people. The government continuously endeavours to take feedback from them. What are the areas of difficulty for the people? What are the rules that are creating hindrances? And what are the possible solutions?” PM Modi explained.

Since the notes ban was announced on November 8, the Reserve Bank of India has issued more than 60 orders tweaking the conditions. These changes have come under sharp criticism not only from the opposition but even from voices that have consistently supported the government’s moves.

But the Prime Minister said it is essential in the fight against black money. He said that “hoarders of black money were trying new means to thwart the government’s efforts” and using a Hindi idiom, the PM said, “It was important to be present in every leaf if hoarders were in every branch.”

“When the opponents keep on trying out new tactics, we have to counteract decisively, since we have resolved to eradicate the corrupt, shady businesses and black money,” said PM Modi.

But the opposition reacted sharply to the Prime Minister’s speech. Left leader Sitaram Yechury called the government’s policy “anarchist”.

“If this is good governance, then we need better governance,” said Mr Yechury and added, “When we offer season’s greetings it needs to be accompanied by our resolve to fight against policies that are anarchic that won’t end anytime soon.”

Congress leader Manish Tewari also claimed people won’t have faith in the country’s currency anymore.

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