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No power in the world can take Jammu and Kashmir from India: Rajnath Singh

Delhi: Speaking on the unrest in the Kashmir Valley in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh reiterated that violence in the state was being fomented by Pakistan.

“Whatever is happening is Kashmir is Pakistan-sponsored,” he said.

On the current situation in the state, Singh maintained that curfew was not being imposed all the time.

“I’m not saying that people living in Kashmir are leading a normal life, but state government is trying its best to provide basic facilities amidst unrest situation created by some vested interest and misguided elements,” he said.

“Despite 100 ambulances being damaged due to stone pelting in the Kashmir region, over 400 ambulances are still operating. Spoke to more than 30 delegations and the CM of J&K after the violence,” the HM further said, adding, “4,515 security personnel and 3,356 civilians have been injured during the protests in Kashmir, so far. Some LeT militants are trying to threaten our security personnel and their families in J&K.”

“Haven’t seen such long discussion on Kashmir in my 20 years in Parliament. If there is anyone who doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘healthy democracy’, they only need watch today’s debate,” Singh pointed out.

Talking about the controversial pellet guns, the HM told the House, “I am not trying to justify the use of non-lethal weapon but it has been used before. Security forces have been instructed to exercise maximum restraint in dealing with protests in Kashmir.”

Allaying fears he categorically stated, “No question of handing over Kashmir to Army, such rumours are being spread deliberately. The government is ready for talks with moderates.”

Striking an emotional chord, the Minister said, “Our heart beats in the same way for Kashmir, the way it does for Bihar, Kolkata and Uttar Pradesh. The people of J&K must understand this.”

Appealing for peace he urged the youth of the state to read books on Islam and not get swayed by those who use religion for to misguide them.

PM Modi breaks silence on Kashmir unrest, vows to pursue Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s vision of ‘Kashmiriyat’
Mentioning the recent remarks by Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif on Kashmir, he said, “No power in the world can take Jammu and Kashmir from us. If there will be any talks with Pakistan, it will only be on PoK and not Kashmir.”

“The slogans of ‘Pakistan zindabad’ will not be tolerated in Kashmir,” he said.

After Singh’s speech, Rajya Sabha passed a unanimous resolution, expressing sympathies over deaths in Kashmir and vowing to instill faith among people of the valley.

Reaching out to the people of the turbulent Valley, which has witnessed the death of over 55 people in clashes and a record-breaking curfew in large parts, PM Modi had said in Bhabra (Madhya Pradesh) that it was painful to see innocent youngsters, who should be holding laptops, books and cricket bats, “handed” stones and appealed to them for maintaining peace and harmony in the “heaven on earth”.

Obviously alluding to the voices favouring ‘azadi’ (freedom) for the state, he had added that the people of J&K had the same freedoms as enjoyed by every Indian.

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Rajnath Singh

Rajnath Singh