New smartphones create a ‘bulge’ problem

In the past, such problems were limited to hipsters with curly mustaches, whose jeans were so skinny they might actually be cellophane wrap. But now mere mortals with normal pants and purses are in despair.
Over the weekend people bravely took to the public complaint box, Twitter and Facebook, to grumble about this oversized issue. (Pun intended.)
“My new iPhone 6 doesn’t fit into the pocket of my Lululemons,” Sarah Watson wrote on Twitter.
“I capitulate. The iPhone 6 Plus simply won’t fit comfortably in my not-at-all skinny jeans,” David Heinemeier Hansson lamented. He added, with a sad emoji face, that he was “downgrading” to the iPhone 6. And an in-depth thread popped up on Reddit discussing how to get around this problem.
Technology blogs have tried to help. Dozens of videos have appeared on YouTube offering expert tests of iPhones slipping in and out of random pockets. (No, I’m not kidding.) A number of downloadable guides allow users to print out a fake iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to see if they will fit in your clothing. (Again, I’m not kidding.) It won’t be long before a Silicon Valley start-up gets $10 million in funding for an app that tells people which iPhones will fit in which jeans.