Microsoft Office for iOS users can now save, edit docs from Dropbox, Box

New Delhi: Microsoft has announced that users of its Office for iOS suite will now be able to save and edit their files from Dropbox, Box, and other third-party storage apps to iCloud.The company in its blog post unveiled two new intergration features- file picker integration for the iPad and iPhone; and Office Online integration for viewing and editing.

Third-party cloud storage providers can now integrate into the ‘Locations’ picker in the iOS Office apps and users can choose the destination for viewing, editing, and saving documents from these providers within Office.
Microsoft said that it is working on similar integration for the Office universal apps for Windows 10 and the Office for Android apps.

Under Microsoft’s new Cloud Storage Partner Program, services like Box, Citrix, and Salesforce can now integrate Office Online into their apps; allowing users to open, view, and edit their documents stored in those services in any web browser.

The software giant recently announced a partnership with Dropbox that lets users edit Office files from within Dropbox and save documents directly to the cloud storage service.

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