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Prime Minister Modi Gets Even Less Sleep Than Me: 10 Big Obama Quotes

Six years after we signed a bilateral agreement we are moving towards commercial viability,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi, announcing an agreement on the nuclear liability issue after talks with US president Barack Obama
1.We compared how much sleep each of us is getting. Turns out Modi is getting even less sleep than me. That is perhaps because he is new. After you have done it for 6 years, you can get an extra hour
2.Want to express my profound gratitude, to not only you (PM) but people of India for the hospitality shown to Michelle and me
3.Honoured to be first President to attend the Republic Day celebration and visit India twice
4.You were greeted like Bollywood star at Madison Square Garden (PM seen laughing)
5.”What Dr Martin Luther King Jr said then remains true today – ‘the spirit of Gandhi is very much alive in India Today. And it remains a great gift to the world.’ (He wrote this in visitors’ book at Rajghat for Gandhi memorial)
6.”Tonight I was thinking of wearing a ‘Modi kurta’ myself. (At the banquet in Rashtrapati Bhavan)”
7.”I’m deeply honoured, I also want to thank you for not making me dance today.”
8.”Last time we were over here, we joined some children in Mumbai for Diwali and we danced. It was clear what the Indian press thought. One headline was President Obama visits India and the other said Michelle Obama rocks India. It is true that Michelle Obama is better dancer than me.”
9.”To the great partnership between our two nations, the dosti (friendship) between our two people (During the toast).”
10.”I most often said that my story could happen in America and of course Mr Prime Minister, your story can happen only in India.”

Source: NDTV