Can NRIs apply and get Aadhaar services?

Aadhaar card is an essential document for every Indian citizen. Issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the Aadhaar card comes with a 12-digit random number which becomes very important for availing services. Any individual, irrespective of age and gender, who is a resident of India, can apply for the Aadhaar number.

But what if someone who is an NRI and is planning to enrol for Aadhaar? 

According to the information given by UIDAI, an individual can only enrol for Aadhaar only once and only after de-duplication, a single Aadhaar is generated.

Meanwhile, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can also easily enrol for Aadhaar card but for that, they have to show an Indian Passport as it is mandatory.

UIDAI has further informed that if any of the service providers require Aadhaar based verifications, then NRIs will have to follow the specified rules.

The NRI may contact their service provider for the required process for such verification

Notably, the Aadhaar card’s 12-digit number is verifiable in an online, cost-effective way. It is unique and robust enough to eliminate duplicates and fake identities and may be used as a basis/primary identifier to roll out several Government welfare schemes and programmes for effective service delivery thereby promoting transparency and good governance.

(With agency inputs)