The New 3DS Themes for Games

Nintendo 3DS users can preview the new themes heading to Japanese handhelds with an upcoming firmware update on the official Japanese website showcasing the themes. Announced late August alongside the New 3DS and 3DS XL, the firmware update that will open up the themes is expected to rollout in mid-October. As the website is for Japanese devices, it it not clear on how many of the themes will launch in the west.
The website reveals almost 50 confirmed themes – including Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing, Mario and Youkai Watch along with 10 different Gun Volt sets – will be available at launch in Japan. With two free sets, themes generally range in price from 100 to 200 yen (approximately $1 USD to $1.80 USD) and third-parties can set their own prices. The full list is below.
Nintendo also launched the official Japanese promotional website for the New Nintendo 3DS faceplates. We got to try out the New 3DS XL at the Tokyo Game Show in Japan, where we put that tiny second analog stick through its paces. The two new devices aren’t expected to launch in the west before 2015.